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Keep your crypto currencies safe with a hardware wallet. Ledger Nano S and Trezor one in stock now and ready to ship! CoinSafe is an official retailer of Ledger & Trezor hardware wallets.

Ledger Nano S What's a hardware wallet?

What is a hardware wallet?

A hardware wallet is a physical device that keeps your cryptocurrency safe by storing your private keys (which allow your funds to be spent) on a secure microcontroller that authorises your transactions offline, never releasing your keys to any device. This means you can send and recieve bitcoin, ether and other cryptocurrencies from any computer, even one compromised with malware, with full confidence that your funds will remain safe and transactions will be processed only as you intend.

With hardware wallets your private keys are never exposed to the outside world or held by a third party meaning you are in full control of your funds at all times. Unlike cold storage solutions, transactions of any amount can be sent and recieved through a simple user interface and multiple addresses / currencies can be managed on a single device. To learn more about what hardware wallets are and why they're the best and safest way to store your cryptocurrencies check out our in depth articles and video courses.

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Sold Out Trezor One

Trezor One Trezors flagship model

  • Safely store your CryptoCurrencies
  • ERC20 token support
  • Built in 2FA & Password Manager


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In stock now! Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S Get yours today.

  • CC EAL5+ certified


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In stock now! Ledger Blue

Ledger Blue Enterprise-level walllet

  • Manage Smart Contracts
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • CC EAL6+ certified


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